In Case You Missed It… Do Your Dollars Make Sense? We Talked Building Financial Literacy With Momentumś Allan Boomer

In case you missed last weeks´ show, we discussed investing, franchising, saving and wealth building with the Managing Partner of Momentum Advisors, Allan Boomer, MBA. Allan is a former VP at Goldman Sachs in New York City. He has since taken the leap the start his own private investment firm. Allan has also started a […]

“Self-Care Is For Wimps” and Other Widely Accepted Delusions…

Do you have a “service” career/job?   Are you a single parent or the parent primarily responsible for your children’s day-to-day lives?   Do you spend a disproportionate part of your days/weeks taking care of/listening to/solving the problems and needs of others?   Do you know what SELF-CARE is?   Do you understand the connection […]

In Case You Missed It…We Talked Media and It’s Impact on Society and Youth – Toxic or Necessary – With Radio Vet “The LBD” of Majic 102.3 and 92.7

In case you missed it, we recently had a great conversation on Now We’re Talking with Lamar “the LBD” Robinson and Nate from The Artist Exchange Radio Show about all things MEDIA, including the limits of media, morality in the media, and the question of how far is too far? Wendy Williams, Paris Jackson and […]

Last Show’s Now We’re Talking Recap – “I Want to Work Out, BUT…”

Recently on Now We’re Talking, we talked Physical and Mental Fitness with Certified Personal Trainer, author, and educational consultant, Kenji Jackson. Among other things, we had an awesome discussion about the top excuses busy people use for not exercising, and the keys to overcoming them. This discussion led us to MTA – MONEY, TIME and […]

In Case You Missed It…Fitness Expert Kenji Jackson Keeps It Real About Physical and Mental Fitness for Busy Folks Like Us!

In case you missed Now We’re Talking Live Streaming Radio Show featuring special guest, Author, Educational Consultant and Fitness Expert Mr. Kenji L. Jackson of BKS Fitness where we had an awesome discussion about Physical and Mental Fitness for super BUSY people like YOU! Check out the whole show on YouTube here: or on the Now We’re Talking Live Facebook […]

In Case You Missed It…The Powerhouse Duo of the Downs Collins Lawfirm Talk Business Building, Smollette & More!

I had a blast chatting with the dynamic duo of Jason Downs and Tiffani Collins, Esqs. about business building, million-dollar verdicts, #JussieSmollett and more! If you missed it, check out Downs Collins, P.A., Lolita E Walker and Mervin Bourne on Be Exposed Radio! or on YouTube here:

Last Showś Now We´re Talking Recap – Yes, I admit it – I am afraid…

On the last live broadcast of Now Weŕe Talking, Lolita E. Walker and I talked to the people about the age-old elephant in the room – fear. As we all know, fear is one of those things that we often can never completely wrap our minds or our will around. It is at times elusive, […]

Reflections of a Father on Women’s Day 2019…

One week ago today, we celebrated and observed International Women’s Day. I use the word “we” rather intentionally, because personally, the day evoked much more observation and reflection than literal celebration. In a spirit of marvel, I reflected upon society’s recent current events, that are seeing and hearing a rise in women’s voices throughout multiple […]

Now We’re Talking Officially Airs Today! Watch Live…Now We’re Talking About…

This Week’s Topic: F.E.A.R. : What is FEAR, really? In what ways does FEAR influence your CAREER? In what ways does FEAR influence the way you RAISE YOUR CHILDREN? In what ways does FEAR affect your relationships? Is there such a thing as “HEALTHY FEAR” or is that an oxymoron like “dry water” and being […]

Now We’re Talking is On it’s Way!

Now We’re Talking, a new talk radio show featuring Certified Life Coach and author Lolita E. Walker and attorney and author Mervin A. Bourne, Jr. is coming to Be Exposed Radio in March 2019. Check out our announcement here, and stay tuned for details! Follow us to hear new news first! @themabjr, @lolitaemanuelle #mervinbourne #walkernwalkerchange […]

The Power of Individual Experience – Thank You New Brunswick, NJ!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to an amazing group of seniors in New Brunswick, New Jersey about the power of perspective and creating your own purpose-driven reality.  I was soon reminded how much value our lives hold through our personal experiences. No matter our class, income, nationality or race, our lives are full […]

The Raising of the Son Documentary Poised to Hit the Festival Circuit!

Thank you for your patience! And thank you for your continued support of my book, A Single Mother’s Guide to Raising a Son, which has helped so many people begin to transform their lives. Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people to create a groundbreaking feature-length documentary. Most importantly, […]

“Fatherhood” – No Dress Rehearsal…

“Fatherhood” was a role for which I had no manual, rehearsal or blueprint. Much of what I knew was a compilation of observations, experiences, and my imagination. I dreamed of what kind of father I would be, and made internal self-declarations about what kind of father I would not be.  Today, we celebrate fatherhood of […]

Are You “Educated” and Missing the Point?

Let’s teach our kids that there is no such thing as having “arrived.” Degrees and titles dont equate to value, worth and liberation. Too often, I’ve encountered people who think they have “made it” and have somehow surpassed the need for self-improvement due to education. Moreover, some of us feel as though we are somehow […]

3 Things to Tell Your Kids in the Election Aftermath

In the aftermath of recent events, I’ve been a bit of a quiet observer, reading and thinking.  So many asked, “What do I tell my kids now?….What is going to happen to us?….What is going to happen to this country?”  Meanwhile, others smiled in triumphant relief, “Thank God!…Get over it!…The country will be made great […]

Create These 3 Unforgettable Holiday Memories For Your Kids

Community service: This holiday, in the midst of all the materialism,    taking, and demanding, flip the script on your young ones and plan a community service day for your kids.  Whether its beautifying a park, serving food at a shelter, or collecting canned food the homeless, our children will always remember the gift of […]

3 “Girl Traits” Every Boy Should Be Taught

Although much of society still embraces gender roles, much of the world has either rejected them, or has adopted some evolving hybrid version of them. Depending on who is raising our boys, priority is placed on teaching them different character traits. Especially in Western countries, most of our boys are being raised primarily by a […]

The Lives That No Longer Matter: “The Baltimore Mom”

A timely piece by Terrence McCoy in the Washington Post recently highlighted the rise and fall of 43 year-old Toya Graham, heralded, “The Baltimore Mom”.  Graham rose to instant celebrity when she tracked her masked teenaged son down near Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore among a crowd, reportedly throwing rocks at the police in the midst of […]

Did Michelle Convince Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself?

The real tragedy of tragedy is not learning from tragedy.  That’s what came to mind as I read this morning about Michelle Carter, an 18 year old Massachusetts high school senior who is on trial for manslaughter.  Carter has been charged with manslaughter for encouraging, pressuring and repeatedly advising her boyfriend, who allegedly suffered from depression, to kill […]

Back to School – Have You Told Your Child These Five Things?

Your teacher’s job isn’t to like you; your job is to learn. You might be fortunate enough to have teachers who you are “cool” with. But not having a friendly, relatable, or “cool” teacher is no excuse for not doing your best or not doing well. The reality is that no matter what you do, […]

The Punch Heard Round The World -The NY Jets’ Geno Smith and A Teachable Moment About Manhood

This week, the NFL and football fans everywhere were up in arms (or at least shaking their heads incessantly) about news that the New York Jets star quarterback, Geno Smith, would be out 6-10 weeks after suffering a broken jaw at the hands of a punch to the face by his teammate, IK Enemkpali. According […]

3 Important Things “Thank You” From a Child Can Mean

It’s the little things in life that mean so much.  Here are 3 simple but significant things a simple “thank you” from a child can mean: I am not entitled to what I have just received: An entitled child believes that they are  entitled to what they want, when they want it.   They believe that it is either […]

Three Keys to Unlocking Your Child’s Greatness

1. Capitalize on any spark of talent you see in your child and nurture it. The only difference between some of the most famous people we’ve ever heard of, and the many more we’ve NEVER heard of, is that someone recognized a spark, and nurtured it. World Boxing Champions Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins and Evander […]

Fatherhood is Dead

This Father’s Day, as Angelsoft wishes single mothers everywhere, “Happy Father’s Day”, I couldn’t help but say, “Damn, fatherhood is dead.” Not only is fatherhood dead, but society won’t even be able to engage in honest, candid, intellectual discourse about its demise. Particularly, it is unlikely that we will care enough to pause political correctness, […]

3 Things Boys (And Men !) Believe About Manhood That Are TOTALLY Wrong

1. Getting women/girls pregnant is a demonstration of manliness.  The right mentors will teach your son that producing children has nothing to do with manhood, because nearly every man is born with the ability to procreate with a woman.  Similarly, having many females can be a symbolic of many things that have nothing to do with manhood.  […]

3 Things Moms Teach Their Sons Everyday Without Even Knowing It!

You might be amazed how as mothers, you are being watched and scrutinized by your children.  Without even realizing it, you are teaching them everyday – these three things: 1. How women deserve to be treated: If you carry yourself with respect and class, don’t let others disrespect you, mistreat you, take advantage of you, […]

Thank God for my HBCU: A Reflection on Duke University Professor Jerry Hough’s Baltimore Commentary By Mervin A. Bourne, Jr. May 19, 2015 @mervinbourne

Tonight I had the opportunity to read several articles about Professor Jerry Hough, the Political Science Professor from Duke University, who has made himself famous by expressing his honest opinions about a NY Times article entitled: “How Racism Doomed Baltimore.”  I also made certain to find his actual comments and read them in their entirety, […]

Three Important Things Our Sons Can Learn From @Floydmayweather

By Mervin A. Bourne, Jr. (5/2/15) If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone tell me how much they hated Floyd Mayweather, I could retire today.  And if I had another for every time this week I’ve heard someone say that they wish he’d get knocked out tonight, I’d be able to […]

“Single Moms Should Never Tell Their Sons No”, And 2 Other Things You Should Stop Believing Immediately! By Mervin A. Bourne, Jr. April 30, 2015

Being a single mother has it’s own unique parenting pressures and challenges. They are multiplied when the child – unlike you – is a male.   Don’t fall into the common trap of believing these three things: You should never tell your son he can’t have something. Understandably, there can be some guilt associated with single-motherhood […]