3 Things to Tell Your Kids in the Election Aftermath

In the aftermath of recent events, I've been a bit of a quiet observer, reading and thinking.  So many asked, "What do I tell my kids now?....What is going to happen to us?....What is going to happen to this country?"  Meanwhile, others smiled in triumphant relief, "Thank God!...Get over it!...The country will be made great …

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No Excuses…Quincy Jones & Norman Lear

I recently had the pleasure and honor of getting advice and countless jewels from Quincy Jones and Norman Lear. Quincy told a story a story about being stabbed at the age of seven for walking through "the wrong neighborhood" in Chicago...Norman told a story of his dad going to prison when he was a kid, …

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Who’s Your Competition?

We are all in competition but with who and what? We've all heard someone say, "I'm not in competition with anybody! I don't care what anybody else is doing!" Well, foremost, we should be in competition with ourselves - pushing, prodding, never relenting, in a constant pursuit to make ourselves the best selves we can …

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