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Listen Live - Monday, August 8, 2016, 7pm-8 pm, where I'll be interviewed by Tracie Jiggetts, "The Gangsta Goddess" on I'll be discussing the forthcoming book, "A Single Mother's Guide to Raising a Son"!  

No Excuses…Quincy Jones & Norman Lear

I recently had the pleasure and honor of getting advice and countless jewels from Quincy Jones and Norman Lear. Quincy told a story a story about being stabbed at the age of seven for walking through "the wrong neighborhood" in Chicago...Norman told a story of his dad going to prison when he was a kid, … Continue reading No Excuses…Quincy Jones & Norman Lear

Who’s Your Competition?

We are all in competition but with who and what? We've all heard someone say, "I'm not in competition with anybody! I don't care what anybody else is doing!" Well, foremost, we should be in competition with ourselves - pushing, prodding, never relenting, in a constant pursuit to make ourselves the best selves we can … Continue reading Who’s Your Competition?

Create These 3 Unforgettable Holiday Memories For Your Kids

Community service: This holiday, in the midst of all the materialism,    taking, and demanding, flip the script on your young ones and plan a community service day for your kids.  Whether its beautifying a park, serving food at a shelter, or collecting canned food the homeless, our children will always remember the gift of … Continue reading Create These 3 Unforgettable Holiday Memories For Your Kids