Are You Lovable?

  We typically focus on being loved. We expect to be loved. At times, we even demand to be loved. But seldom do we stop to think - are we lovable? Rarely do we pause and ask ourselves sincerely - do I behave in a way that would make someone want to love me? Do … Continue reading Are You Lovable?


No Excuses…Quincy Jones & Norman Lear

I recently had the pleasure and honor of getting advice and countless jewels from Quincy Jones and Norman Lear. Quincy told a story a story about being stabbed at the age of seven for walking through "the wrong neighborhood" in Chicago...Norman told a story of his dad going to prison when he was a kid, … Continue reading No Excuses…Quincy Jones & Norman Lear

Who’s Your Competition?

We are all in competition but with who and what? We've all heard someone say, "I'm not in competition with anybody! I don't care what anybody else is doing!" Well, foremost, we should be in competition with ourselves - pushing, prodding, never relenting, in a constant pursuit to make ourselves the best selves we can … Continue reading Who’s Your Competition?

Create These 3 Unforgettable Holiday Memories For Your Kids

Community service: This holiday, in the midst of all the materialism,    taking, and demanding, flip the script on your young ones and plan a community service day for your kids.  Whether its beautifying a park, serving food at a shelter, or collecting canned food the homeless, our children will always remember the gift of … Continue reading Create These 3 Unforgettable Holiday Memories For Your Kids

Uncage Your Heart

If there is a cage around our hearts, our relationships will reflect it. We can only pretend, with caged hearts, to love our mates, and especially, our children - to our fullest capabilities. Turn the key, free yourself today. Our relationships deserve our best selves.  We deceive only ourselves when we think we can selectively … Continue reading Uncage Your Heart

3 “Girl Traits” Every Boy Should Be Taught

Although much of society still embraces gender roles, much of the world has either rejected them, or has adopted some evolving hybrid version of them. Depending on who is raising our boys, priority is placed on teaching them different character traits. Especially in Western countries, most of our boys are being raised primarily by a … Continue reading 3 “Girl Traits” Every Boy Should Be Taught