Todayś Word: Negus

Words are so important. Sometimes they are unnecessary, but sometimes their absence is as destructive as a raging fire. We often measure intelligence by them. We determine our childrenś development by their ability to grasp them. We download apps to learn new ones…since they are so important, and cost nothing to learn but time, why not share them when we come upon new ones, or a new understanding of words we kinda knew already? So in that vein, I recently came across a local Ethiopian brewing company, ¨Negus¨. I already knew that the letter groupings ¨NGR¨ and ¨NG¨ had origins in The Continent associated with ¨King¨ and ¨God¨, so I wasn´t shocked. But how interesting it was to see it explained concretely by the Negus Beer Company, confirmed by Webster, and, and as I looked deeper, the subject of a now famous Scripps spelling bee clip!: . Enjoy!

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