Reflections of a Father on Women’s Day 2019…

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One week ago today, we celebrated and observed International Women’s Day. I use the word “we” rather intentionally, because personally, the day evoked much more observation and reflection than literal celebration. In a spirit of marvel, I reflected upon society’s recent current events, that are seeing and hearing a rise in women’s voices throughout multiple genres of the human experience: politics, entertainment, sports, and more. I smiled as I read a report of a teenaged girl who’s family glowed in celebration that she will be going to college as a student athlete – not to be a cheerleader or a gymnast, but to play free safety. And if you don’t know what a free safety is, this reflects the magnitude of what can only be described as a movement worthy of historical reverence. I smiled as I watched women argue with men on social media over the appropriateness of their responses to the various sexual assault allegations of today’s time. I smiled as I observed the nation bristle at and wrestle with the phenomenon of three or four especially outspoken, intelligent, controversial, focused, fresh new voices that like it or not, the nation must now acknowledge, contend with, and at times, yield to.

I was smiling, not because I completely shared the sentiments of the aforementioned moments, or because my thoughts always echoed those of the voices who are now being heard at a volume that is embraced by some, annoying to others and confusing to many. I was, however, smiling because I recognize the moment for what it reflects to me – the ushering in of a new stream of consciousness that holds within it the power to reform or to destroy. It is a stream of consciousness that is neither singularly pragmatic nor idealistic. Rather, it appears, at least to my senses, to be a melting pot of emotional, moral, spiritual, legal, physical, sexual, psychological and even metaphysical facets that must be considered, dissected and respected for what it is – a reckoning of historical precedent.

As I reflect, I also mediate and pray for the women and men of the world to exercise a necessary discernment that they may not be used to, so that society is neither engulfed by the flames of our own pain and egos, nor left suffering because of a choice to devolve rather than evolve out of an old, crippling, stagnant consciousness. I meditate and pray for the sake of my children and their children that all who struggle, argue, and pull on their ropes of society’s (and social media’s) virtual tug-of-war realize that despite their past pains never reconciled, feelings never acknowledged, and egos never quite assuaged enough, that the only way we move forward and evolve in a way that will reflect real and meaningful happiness, spiritual prosperity and peace, is together. Herein lies the beautiful reality – that there is no such thing as a “women’s issue” issue because the ailments and calluses that pain, devastate and vex our women (and girls), affect and are often caused or perpetuated by all of us. And so, I posit that any movement that seeks to separate, annihilate, demonize, or disregard one “side”, whether well-meaning or not – is of grave detriment to our families, our children, and ultimately, our survival as a whole society and an evolved human race. Likewise, any movement that hasn’t yet recognized the magnitude of power, life and inspiration that is breathed into the human race by a self-actualized, self-aware, conscious, loving, kind and wise woman is acting to the detriment of our survival as a whole society and an evolved human race.

I smile as I look forward to the day when we each recognize the power and wisdom of our own discernment (which is inherent), are not so easily led by divisive agendas in sheep’s clothing, and truly think, act, and live for what is ultimately a singular purpose…

Mervin A. Bourne, Jr.

March 15, 2019

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