Are You Lovable?

We typically focus on being loved. We expect to be loved. At times, we even demand to be loved. But seldom do we stop to think – are we lovable? Rarely do we pause and ask ourselves sincerely – do I behave in a way that would make someone want to love me? Do I speak to people in a way that would attract love? Do I respond to others – even when things aren’t exactly going my way – in a way that magnetizes positivity? Or do I conduct myself in a way that is more likely to repel, intimidate or exhaust the people around me? One of the most difficult things to do is to hold a mirror up in front of ourselves and make honest assessments. But if we are responsible for raising, mentoring or influencing others, we must force ourselves to do it, lest we reproduce the worst, rather than the best, of ourselves.

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