Create These 3 Unforgettable Holiday Memories For Your Kids

  1. Community service: This holiday, in the midst of all the materialism,    taking, and demanding, flip the script on your young ones and plan a community service day for your kids.  Whether its beautifying a park, serving food at a shelter, or collecting canned food the homeless, our children will always remember the gift of humanity they gave to other people. They will remember it far longer than many of the toys and gadgets we will kill ourselves to get them instead.
  2. Make thank you cards/letters: Undoubtedly, if they think hard enough, our children can come up with at least a short list of people who have done something really kind, thoughtful or generous for them this year.  While they are coming up with a list of things they want, support them in creating thank you cards or letters for a few people who went out of their way for them this year, or whose presence in their lives they appreciate.  The value  of gratitude will serve them well for the rest of their lives.
  3. Make a meal/desert as gifts: For good reason, our kids probably think that no money means no gift.  Teach them that true gifts come from the heart, and from love and appreciation.  Teach them that a thoughtful handmade gift beats a thoughtless expensive one any day of the week.  Plan a day to buy the ingredients, cook, and deliver a meal or desert to someone – together.  The bonding, working, and giving  will teach them that they have the power to create gifts that will convey love, appreciation and thoughtfulness – without breaking the bank.  The smiles they will create will be overshadowed only by the memories you all will create together during this unforgettable holiday season.

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