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About Mervin A. Bourne, Jr….

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Mervin A. Bourne, Jr. is an attorney, author, radio host, and motivational speaker.  His personal goal is to empower both  children and adults to seek, identify, and live their purpose. Mervin’s radio show, public speaking and writing seek to propel people to their best selves based on the power of their inherent value.

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Mervin’s Bio…

He is a graduate of Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD and Rutgers University School of Law in Newark, NJ. He has extensive experience as a civil and criminal attorney with the child welfare and criminal justice systems. Mervin began his career in corporate America with Lucent Technologies at their corporate headquarters where he eventually headed the company’s corporate security communications programming.  Mervin has also been an adjunct professor at Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). He is the author of the book, A Single Mother’s Guide to Raising a Son, and producer of the documentary, The Raising of the Son. Mervin also co-hosts Be Exposed Radio’s newest talk show, Now We’re Talking on

A GIFTED ORATOR and interviewer who honed his skills as a successful litigator in Newark, New Jersey and then Washington, D.C., Mervin has never been afraid to take on the toughest cases – or the toughest social issues.

Mervin’s Media…

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A Single Mother’s Guide to Raising a Son is a fresh look at the realities of single mothers raising sons – from the rarely-heard informed male perspective of a man raised by a single mother. This book dares to go beyond the surface of political correctness to address the pitfalls and misunderstandings that have been preventing millions of single mothers from raising successful, productive, purpose-driven sons for decades. Its message is bold, hopeful, and empowering. Its benefit is real, practical and immediately useful to all those seeking to raise a son into a man the world can be proud of, despite the challenges presented by everyday single-mother life.

A Single Mother’s Guide to Raising a Son is available on in paperback ($14.99) and E-Book ($4.99), and directly from Mervin A. Bourne, Jr. (email me at ($14.99+S&H).


Now We’re Talking is the hot new radio talk show intently focused on uplifting and empowering both children and adults to live the best, purpose-driven lives possible. Mervin co-hosts the show with Certified Executive Life Coach and Change Champion Lolita E. Walker. Together, they tackle society’s toughest personal issues head-on, delving beyond the surface to unravel the impediments to emotional, career and financial success. It airs live every Thursday from 7 pm-9 pm EST on, and also streams live on the Facebook and YouTube pages of Be Exposed Radio. The show also streams live from the Now We’re Talking Facebook page, where Mervin and Lolita interact with their viewers during the show.

Mervin’s Services…

Motivational Speaking – Mervin’s successful career as a trial attorney and his passion for helping other’s realize their life’s full potential combine to produce a dynamic, motivational and inspirational message on whatever Mervin speaks about, whether its raising successful children, seeking and finding your true purpose in life, or how to prepare your mind to create success under any circumstances, you can count on Mervin A. Bourne, Jr. to deliver a moving message that will spur your audience to inspired action.

Men’s Retreats –  Mervin will be hosting the 2019 Men’s Wellness Retreat from November 15-17, 2019 in Potomac, MD. This tranquil weekend retreat will give a limited number of men an opportunity to relax, relate and release with the help of several professionals in the areas of spiritual, physical and emotional health. They’ll also have the opportunity to recharge so that they can go back to their busy lives with a new perspective, and a new beginning, and a new attitude.

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