Why Do We Need A “Mother’s Day”?

Why Do We Need a Mother’s Day?

Why is it that we need a special day set aside to revere the mothers of the world? Why is it necessary to praise mothers for contributions that are so obvious, mundane and routine? The answer is simple. The more important, critical and necessary a force is to modern society, the more it is undervalued and taken for granted.  Exceptional mothers, and their contribution to the world, are typically as taken for granted as clean water, access to food, and breathing clean air.

But wisdom dictates that exceptional mothers are not a given, and not something everyone is fortunate enough to have.  Whether planned or not, motherhood comes with no manual, no step by step instructions, and no guarantees.  Despite this uncertainty, there are women that overcome all obstacles, sacrifice themselves, and put their children first at all times.  Despite not having all the answers, they seek out the answers to self-improvement, self-awareness, and growth, so that they can be even better mothers and mentors to their children.

So it is not only necessary, but right – to acknowledge the force that is motherhood. The force that nurtures, loves, and has the power to inspire excellence in our children and our communities.  We thank you, we honor you, and we appreciate you! Happy Mother’s Day.

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