The long lost art of “making do with what ya have”

When I was a child, my mother often said, “learn to make do with what ya have!” As annoying as that was back then, it has become more true with every passing day. And now, during these trying times #COVID-19 (ugh!) it has been more true than ever, especially during the early months! I still believe in this saying, but also realize that I need to do a way better job of passing the mantra down to my young ones.

As I tend to find the humor in almost anything, I laughed to myself today as I admired my photography skills. My kids always clown me for having an “old” cell phone. But look at what I captured with them??!!I’ll show them! #makingdo !!!

The Lincoln Memorial Summer 2020 (C)Mervin A. Bourne, Jr.
The Washington Monument, Summer 2020 (c)Mervin A. Bourne, Jr.

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