3 Things Moms Teach Their Sons Everyday Without Even Knowing It!

You might be amazed how as mothers, you are being watched and scrutinized by your children.  Without even realizing it, you are teaching them everyday – these three things:

1. How women deserve to be treated: If you carry yourself with respect and class, don’t let others disrespect you, mistreat you, take advantage of you, use you, or abuse you, have very high standards, chose your friends carefully and wisely, and surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who enhance your life, value your friendship, and treat you accordingly, then great job – you are teaching your son how women should be treated.

2. How women should treat the men in their lives: If you are supportive, kind, forgiving, caring, not condescending, understanding, loyal (but not a doormat), patient, slow to anger, willing to listen, willing to learn, willing to yield, giving and compassionate, then keep it up – you are teaching your son how he should be treated by the females in his life.

3. How much you love yourself: If you pamper yourself, take care of your health, eat right, go to the doctor, exercise regularly, do things to continuously improve emotional, spiritual and mental health, take pride in your physical appearance, read good books, meditate and pray, embrace your true beauty, are kind and forgiving to others, and laugh often – then congrats again, because your son is paying attention, and one day, he will be someone’s boyfriend, husband, or friend, and he will be a better partner in all of those relationships for all the amazing examples you’ve taught him.

By Mervin A. Bourne, Jr. ,  (c) 2015 @mervinbourne, mervinbourne.comhttps://www.facebook.com/mervinabournejr?ref=hl

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