Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!  Lets get to it…It seems as though most everyone aspires to do better than the generation that came before us.  Even if we are only moderately successful at this goal, we will inevitably have at least a little more than our parents had, and in turn, our children will have more than we had.  But at what point is what we give our children “excessive”?  And to this point, do our single mothers who have the means overcompensate for being single – by showering sons with lots of unnecessary “stuff”?   Is there a guilt factor associated with being a single mother that is never openly discussed? What could possibly be wrong with showering our sons with some luxuries we may not have had as children, or that we believe they deserve? What could possibly be wrong with wanting to make sure that your son does not go without simply because of your circumstances or your relationship with his father? For a single mom raising a son in today’s world, these innocent and well-intentioned thoughts could be the beginnings of a monster in creation – by his very own mother. I like to refer to him as the “entitlement monster”. But more about the “entitlement monster” later… What is “excessive”? Is there an unspoken “guilt factor”? Is there anything wrong with “baby Jordans” (lol)? What do you think?!?!   Click “Comment” to let us know. Happy blogging!

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

    1. Mervin jr. I am very proud of your acheivement. Just talk to your sister Mervina and she told me to let you know that I am her mum.
      Take care.


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