Men’s Retreat

The 2019 Men´s Wellness Retreat Was a Resounding Success!



A group of men got together and made history as the first attendees of the Menś Wellness Retreat in Potomac, MD! It was a powerful weekend focused on balance, introspection, self-care and self-empowerment.



Certified Executive Life Coach Lolita Walker of Walker & Walker Enterprises coached us through our 2020 vision board goal-setting…

Kenji Jackson, CPT, of BKS Fitness, educated us about the value and necessity of personal fitness and then we got down to business!

The Chosen Chef stunned us with a full day of catered cuisine that included a live cooking demonstration of Asian stir-fry magic…

Professional Mixologist Mike Davis and his team walked us through the interesting history of  cocktails, etiquette and the fundamentals of home bartending…

JuvenaScents massage therapy provided us with all the relaxation and destressing we needed to regroup and refocus on conquering 2020!

You or the man you love needs to be at the next Menś Wellness Retreat – contact us to be kept up to date on the time and place of the 2020 Menś Wellness Retreat, email me at mervinbourne@gmail.comto be put on the priority list!


“Better Men, Better Fathers, Better Futures”

Men's Wellness Retreat 2019

There are a wealth of resources available for the emotional, mental and physical well-being and health of our women, mothers, and sisters. After all, between child care and their busy careers, they are famously known to be overworked and underpaid. BUT, what about the emotional, mental and physical well-being of men – society’s fathers, husbands, and sons? Every hard-working man knows that for the most part, we are supposed to “just handle it” – the stress, the pressure, and the trauma – that comes with being a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a boss, the list of roles and responsibilities goes on and on.

When do we pause? When do we take a step back to reassess? How do we break the hamster-wheel cycle and figure out what it is we are really meant to be doing with this limited time we have on earth? What are YOUR dreams deferred? What responsibilities – or fears – are getting in the way of you really seeking and living your purpose?

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 9.03.52 AM (1)

We all know that this idea that all men’s needs can be summed up with a couple basic carnal check-boxes is a myth and just flat out wrong! In fact, neglecting and ignoring our emotional, spiritual and physical wellness may be the cause for our pervasive imbalance – and thus the need to overindulge or overcompensate just to feel some sense of normalcy. Whether its by binge eating, excess drinking, using drugs or prescription medications, or some other vice, for the most part, we’re just trying to cope with all the pressure, stress and dissatisfaction of our lives. Even if we’ve managed to accumulate a lot of fancy toys and take care of our families, we still feel that weight and even emptiness.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In all of its infinite wisdom and intelligent, intentional design, the universe wants us to be in balance, in harmony, and fulfilling our purpose. And the truth is, being the best fathers and men we can be – reaching our full potential – will ensure us better futures.

Men's Wellness Retreat 2019 B

I’ve painstakingly assembled an expert-led dynamic weekend, just for a limited, select group of men to address this dire need, and to launch you into the next stage of your amazing life feeling refreshed, centered, and empowered to be a new improved better version of yourself. You deserve the best you. Stop saying “LATER”. “LATER” is “NOW”.

What’s Included

  • Lodging in a safe, quiet 2+ acre, 8,000 sq. ft. mansion estate exclusively devoted to men’s wellness from Friday evening, 11/15/2019 to Sunday morning, 11/17/2019.
  • All meals, drinks and refreshments from the time you set foot in the door until the minute you leave the retreat.
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Expert-Led workshops covering critical life-balancing areas including:
    • How to Renew Your Mind, Body, and Soul
    • Developing and implementing your own spiritual wellness agenda
    • Identifying, facing and overcoming purpose-blocking fears
    • Professional workout session focusing on reasonably taking command of your physical fitness without harming yourself
    • Chef-led instruction on eating to live and not living to eat
    • Certified professional life-coaching on creating and implementing a vision for your life’s goals
    • Meditation education and 24/7 tranquil meditation room access
    • Developing change management strategies that help you embrace, act, & thrive in the triumphs and challenges of work, home and life, and more…
  •  Expert-led Home Mixology 101 welcome workshop
  •  Individual massage therapy session for every guest, along with a professional workshop on the benefits of routine massage therapy
  • Individual beds for each attendee, and private rooms are available on a first-come first-serve basis
  • Unlimited networking
  • All weekend materials, including workshop workbook
  • 30-day post-retreat check-in by retreat host
  • …and much more!



Because I believe so much in the the mission of creating the next generation of Better Men, Better Fathers, Better Futures, I’m temporarily making this amazing experience available at a discounted price. For a limited time only. The cost of the all-inclusive Men’s Wellness Retreat is being reduced

from $999 to $599 for a limited time only!

*Payment Plan Available. $300.00 locks your seat with a deposit TODAY.

Make an invaluable investment in yourself for AN IMMEDIATE SAVINGS OF $400!

Bring a friend or come solo, Your Later is NOW.

Payments can be made via Paypal or CashApp below:

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Men’s Wellness Retreat 2019

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The Fine Print:

DISCLAIMER:  The information being provided is for informational/educational purposes ONLY and should not be viewed as medical advice.  If you are dealing with any medical condition, please contact your health care provider.

PAYMENT POLICY:  If paying in full, the transaction fees associated with your purchase will be waived.  If partially paying, during registration and through a non-refundable deposit of $300.00, a  6% transaction fee on your balance will be passed on to you and included in your balance invoice, which will be sent directly to you by Bourne Media Group, LLC.  Monthly payment plan is available. All balances must be paid in full, no later than October 10, 2019. At the discretion of Bourne Media Group, LLC, cost of retreat is subject to increase after October 21, 2019 for anyone who has not yet paid in full. Seat-lock deposit secures seat only.

RETURN POLICY: A deposit of $300.00 per ticket is non-refundable.  The remaining balance is refundable, minus transaction and administrative fees, with a notification of request sent to (put “Men’s Retreat Refund Request” in the Subject line) within 5 days of purchase, until October 10, 2019. Beyond October 10, 2019, there will be no refunds available. HOWEVER deposits will be transferable to another man who wishes to attend the retreat, of your choosing.  If you wish to transfer your purchase, please notify Bourne Media Group, LLC  at